LobbyQ (Formerly AstroQueue) streamlines customer intake. It collects information, regulates walk-in traffic, and helps you understand your customers and office through visual metrics & analytics. It is a digital waiting list that teams love to use.

Product Description

No special equipment
AstroQueue lives in the cloud and works on anything with a web browser. Just log in and use.

Customizable sign-in questions
Offices use AstroQueue to discover their customers' interests and habits. They can collect email addresses, phone numbers, etc. They can turn any device into a kiosk for visitor self-check-in, or they can add new visitors from inside the admin page.

Easy waiting list control
Users are notified when their clients check in. They can always know who is waiting no matter where they are. Setting up desks allows the whole team to collaborate on the real-time waiting list. Each desk can made available or unavailable to clients who are checking in by simply toggling their availabilities. Client information can be views at a glance, and in detail. And the waiting list can be filtered to show only the people that a specific user wants to see.

Game-changing Analytics
Users can get vital stats such as daily Counts, Wait-Times, and customer Traffic graphed in real-time. AstroQueue provides mission-critical data about their customers and office to help them steer their business in the right direction. Data can also be downloaded for use in programs like Microsoft Office.

Skillset Utilized

- Server-side Javascript (Meteor)
- Client-side Javascript
- HTML, CSS, etc
- Handlebars / Spacebars
- Zurb Foundation
- C3JS
- Ionicons
- Animation (GIF)
- MomentJS
- Logo Design (Photoshop)
- UX Design
- Database Design
- MongoDB (NoSQL)
- Routing
- Stripe.JS
- Scheduled Tasks (Cron)

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