Genivia, Inc

Genivia is a private consulting and software development company serving all of the top 15 technology companies, most of the Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and the US department of defense. They are best known for their gSOAP toolkit.

The gSOAP toolkit is a top-rated C/C++ software development product for XML data formats. The toolkit enables its weilders to expedite the development of their software products and to meet the latest industry standards for XML.

Project Description

Genivia needed logo-redesign help, as well as a complete overhaul of their website. To help with the transition from LaTeX and to host their documentation on the same Genivia domain, I constructed a custom Dev Center solution. The Dev Center is an all in one source for documentation, downloads, tutorials, and news. The custom implementation enabled Genivia to write all of their documentation in MarkDown format and import their HTML-based documentation that originally created using Doxygen using LaTex.

Skillset Utilized

- Logo Design
- Client-side Javascript,
- HTML, CSS, etc
- Custom UI
- UX Design
- Markdown

gSOAP page


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