I developed the web-based internal support tool (Admin client) for Datamaxx's GREENLIGHT secure access control software. Doing both front-end and back-end development, I hooked into the pre-defined database structure, as well as assisted with development of the support tool's main, distributed GREENLIGHT tool.

Product Description

Due to the private nature of the project, I am unable to provide screenshots.

"In today’s world of ever-evolving acts of terrorism, Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (designated by the Department of Homeland Security) need to be increasingly vigilant in protecting against incidents that could impact public safety. Access control systems abound, but since Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources have no access to law enforcement data, no system provides sufficient information for threat assessment….until now. GREENLIGHT®, a partnership between law enforcement and Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources, is the only solution available accessing vital information to screen potential threats. Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources now have the power for TRUE secure access control."

Skillset Utilized

- Full-stack development
- Server-side C# (Visual Studio)
- Client-side Javascript,
- HTML, CSS, etc
- Custom UI (no frameworks)
- UX Design
- MS SQL Server
- Jira
- Accurev

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