ResQ Catheterâ„¢

I facilitated the application, dissemination and consumption of scientific and medical innovation through implementation of interactive technology, simulation and visualization.

Project Description

I created visuals to assist Control Flo Medical communicate their ideas. Illustrations such as patent drawings and procedural / process sets were created. Created both vector artwork and hand-drawn (digial) raster as necessary.

The biggest project was the ResQ Catheter, a device that is placed in the urethra and used for the stoppage of involuntary urine flow. Unlike other catheters, the ResQ Catheter does not invade the bladder, and it does not require a fluid pouch, enabling a higher quality of life and increased freedom as compared to traditional catheters.

"The ResQ CatheterTM is a non-bladder invasive catheter used for treating urinary incontinence; which can be caused by urethral stricture disease, nerve damage, prostate problems, surgical complications, and other conditions that result in loss of satisfactory control of urination."

Skillset Utilized

- Hand-drawn digital rendering
- Procedural Illustration
- Patent Drawing



Bladder Full

Bladder Release

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